Transparency is key--this blog is where we share our learnings, failures, and successes

We've already learned so much through this initiative and we have a lot more to come! It's so important to us that we're not the only ones learning from this process--just because you're not in the room at our meetings doesn't mean we can't all benefit! This is why we've created this blog--to share openly about this process with everyone involved in our work; with other communities working on similar initiatives; and for anyone working to apply design philosophy, tools and methods to complex problems.

It's a messy and incredible space to be working in, and we're always learning. This blog is where we'll post about what we're doing, what we're learning, where we've failed, and where we've succeeded. Our goal is to always learn and evolve our ideas, and when we fail, to fail forward. That's why we've created a dedicated space for transparency, openness, feedback, and growth--it helps all of us learn from the process, and stay accountable to why we're here! 

Join us as we work to improve the child and youth mental health system in Dufferin Wellington!