The Validation Roadshow!

It’s been a busy past few weeks visiting staff, partners, and clients to validate the Ending Wait Times Project maps. Hearing first-hand from people about their experiences with the child/youth mental health services and referral pathways for CMHA and DCAFS has brought to light many interesting insights. We are excited to be pulling together this feedback and wrapping up this phase of the project.

 Highlights from March 2018:

●     A big thanks to staff at the Silvercreek office and DCAFS office who interacted with the large drafts system maps which were on display during the week of March 12. Your feedback was much appreciated!

Validation session, March 2018

Validation session, March 2018

●     There was great energy from the staff of CMHA WW and DCAFS when they came together on Monday, March 19 for a networking session. During this gathering, the two teams worked together to provide feedback on the maps and the system as a whole. They also set a shared vision for what we want to achieve in the coming years for the CYMH system in Dufferin-Wellington. (Check out some photos below from the session!)


●     Validation sessions with clients and partners across Dufferin-Wellington have continued to provide detailed feedback. We hosted two partner validation sessions in March (one in each region), both of which had great attendance! One-on-one conversations with clients have also offered a way for families to share feedback at a time that works for them.

What do the maps look like?

●     Draft maps "in" for Wellington and Dufferin are shown below, to give you a sense of the information that staff, partners and parents were invited to validate. 

Wellington In map_draft.png
Dufferin In map_draft.png

What’s coming up next?

●     We will keep working through all the rich and detailed feedback received from staff, partners, and clients. Revisions to the maps are ongoing, and a final report summarizing what we have learned during this phase of the project is in progress.

●     The Moving on Mental Health Operations Committee met on March 27 to hear an update on this phase of the work and discuss the main themes from mapping and validation.  Together, we also began ideating on what the future state of the system might look like without wait times.

●     Mapping and validation are just the beginning! The next phase of the project will focus on identifying processes that can be improved to reduce wait times.

For questions or to learn more please contact Heather Callum, Systems Coordinator for Child/Youth Mental Health at or 226-979-6060.