Q: What is Moving on Mental Health?

A: Moving on Mental Health (MOMH) is a province-wide initiative that defines the action needed to realize Ontario’s Comprehensive Mental Health and Addictions Strategy. As part of this initiative, lead agencies were identified to represent regions across Ontario. The Canadian Mental Health Association of Waterloo Wellington Dufferin (CMHA WWD) was identified as the lead agency for Wellington Dufferin.

As part of its role as lead agency, CMHA WWD was tasked with identifying priorities for child and youth mental health services
in Wellington Dufferin for the next year. In order to create a system that puts people at its core, it was critical to ground these priorities in a deep understanding of the needs of children, youth, and families with mental health needs in this region (leading to Phase One: Insights). 



Q: Who is Overlap, what are their credentials, and how did they engage families?

A: Overlap is Canada’s leading design thinking company, specializing in engagement, user research, and strategy with empathy at its core. Overlap has been part of a number of projects in the health care sector (Concurrent Disorders Experience Design Project, Designing Better) with additional clients such as UNICEF Canada, Trillium Health Partners, and The Nature Conservancy of Canada.

Overlap uses a combination of analog (conversation, hand-written journals, worksheets, etc.) and digital (SMS, digital camera, email, etc.) tools and techniques to create deep connections with people. Overlap uses tools that are appropriate for both the situation being explored, and the person using the tools.

Q: Will this get to the core of how individual systems work together?

A: We hope so! Our goal is to understand the experiences of people within the system at various stages and touchpoints within the system. The better we understand how the system is functioning today, the better position we will be in to identify what’s working and where service gaps exist.



Q: How will we know that the changes are effective, and who is responsible for measuring that?

A: This project aims to understand the experiences of the children, youth and families who need mental health supports within Wellington Dufferin. We will consider this project a success if we are able to identify, articulate and communicate the needs, challenges, motivations and realities of children, youth and their families in a way that can be used to evaluate and improve service experiences moving forward.



Q: Who’s funding the project?

A: The project is being funded by CMHA WWD, as part of the local effort of the province-wide Moving on Mental Health initiative sponsored by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services.